Japan’s social music app Nana releases Android version



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Tokyo-based Nana Music, the Japanese startup behind social music app Nana, launched an Android version for the service on Wednesday. This has been anticipated since the company launched its iOS version in August of 2012.

CEO Fumihara equates the service with the invention of a musical instrument enabling users to produce new music.

Nana Music founder and CEO Akinori Fumihara emphasizes the perspective of creating content with users. With the launch of the Android app at this time, they aim to acquire over 1 million users by this year-end and create the country’s largest online music community.

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The Nana app allows users to share and mix their audio with other users on the platform, all with voices and sounds recorded through smartphone microphones. The startup aims to bring new users the experience of singing along with someone else. Singers can even team up with a band or a choir in this way, even if your collaborators live on the other side of the world.

What’s noteworthy about Nana is their users with a lot of energy and of action. They have developed creative plans by themselves and involved other users. They invented new ways to play the app such as Renga (literally meaning ‘linked singing’) where every user sings a phrase in a song and then passes it on to the next user, and they also sing while mimicking popular anime characters.

Nana Music has given users an offline music experience as well. They recently held a user event celebrating their second anniversary in August that was attended by more than 230 teenage fans of the app. CEO Fumihara says that the service is comparable to the invention of a music instrument that give users a new musical experience. So it will be interesting to see how they will proceed from here.