Japan’s Relux raises $3.1 million, enhances hotel booking site to meet foreigner needs



Tokyo-based Loco partners, the startup that operates Japanese luxury inn and hotel booking site Relux, announced today that it has fundraised 330 million yen (about $3.1 million) from Recruit Holdings and others. Using the funds, the company plans to expand recruitment of business development representatives and system engineers.

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Coinciding with this funding, the company has enhanced the hotel booking site to meet foreign visitor needs in Japan, enabling their users to find their favorite accommodations and complete online booking in 10 languages, payable in any of 12 different currencies.

The website is now available in Japanese, English, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, Indonesian and French. They accept the following currencies: Japanese yen, US dollars, UK pounds, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars, Euro, Renminbi yuan, Thai baht, Korean won, Vietnamese dong and Indonesian rupiah.

Relux lists luxury Japanese inns and hotels carefully selected by company examiners based on their on-site assessments. Since its launch in September of 2013, the website has acquired over 70,000 users, mostly people in their 30s and 40s. While average sales per customer has reached as high as 90,000 yen (or $900), their recent user growth has become faster than a monthly increase ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 users several months ago, with monthly revenue growing at a pace of 30% per month.

Relux is currently developing an interface for travel agencies in foreign markets. The company has also started talks with those agencies in the South East Asian region, so they can bring more customers to Japanese travel destinations by leveraging this interface.

Via TechCrunch Japan