Fuji Startup Ventures invests in US-based animation technology company Plumzi



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Fuji Startup Ventures, the investment firm of Tokyo-based broadcaster Fuji TV’s stock holding company, announced on Thursday that it has invest in Plumzi, a US-based entertainment technology company. Funding details have not been disclosed but it’s likely worth around a six-digit number in US dollars.

Plumzi is a platform for animation studios, allowing them to adapt TV anime series into other formats suitable for tablets or smartphones, by restructuring videos, graphics, and audios from an original format in an easy way. With the platform, animation studios can quickly create a variety of content for smart devices as well as provide reproduced content back to their original rights owners for their secondary use.

Fuji Startup Ventures recently launched a game-focused crowdfunding platform in partnership with Sega Networks and Goopa, called Crowdrive. Through the partnership with Plumzi, Fuji wants to strengthen edutainment app developments leveraging their huge visual content library.

This investment round was led by US-based Quest Venture Partners with participation from Walt Disney and Turner New Media Investments, which proves that the animation technology company draws great attention in the US. Starting with this investment, Fuji Startup Ventures aims to build an alliance across media companies in Japan and the US.