Sensor-enabled pacifier device wins Gugen hardware contest in Tokyo



This is the abridged version of our original article in Japanese.

Gugen, the annual hardware contest aimed at encouraging engineers to develop futuristic products, held its second edition last week, where Japanese functional pacifier device called Oshaburi Sensor won the top prize followed by nine other contestants.

At last year’s contest, functional prosthetic hand Handiii won the top prize and subsequently secured funds to develop its first prototype through a crowdfunding campaign.

Some 126 submissions were made to the competition; let’s have a quick look at the most outstanding devices.

Oshaburi Sensor: Sensor-enabled pacifier device

This device allows parents to see how strongly their baby sucks on a pacifier. Based on a recording of the pattern of sucking, the device can detect the condition of a baby and alert a parent if necessary.

oshaburi-sensor-1 oshaburi-sensor-2

Scopion: Distance measurement device

Scopion is a distance measurement device that counts the number of people that have passed in front of the device or measures the distance between the device and an obstacle. The measured metrics can be transmitted to a smartphone via BlueTooth to alert the user of the results.

Raplus: Rehabilitation assistance device

This device is an attachable, robotic rehabilitation assistant for the knee.

RulerBot: Digital scale ruler

This digital scale ruler takes measurements that are longer than the ruler so that a line can be drawn that is longer than the ruler while also measuring total length.

Oriev: Folding electric motorcycle

Oriev is a folding electric motorcycle that is easy to tote by hand.

OTOPOT: Water pot voice message recorder

OTOPOT records short messages when a user lifts the lid and speaks into the pot. When the lid is lifted again the recorded message is played. Tilting the pot deletes the message.

PRS: Personal home security system

PRS is a personal security system for homes or shops. It sends an email alert to a smartphone if changes are detected in the area being monitored.

Hikari x Tsumiki: Playable functional blocks

Every block from this product has a different function that allows users to create a variety of functionalities according to the pattern of the connected blocks.

Mouth motion-based user interface for the physically changed

Designed for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) patients and the physically challenged, this device allows users to control their PC or motorized wheelchair via mouth movements.

Korokoro Plug: Measuring wheel device for smartphone

Korokoro Plug is a measuring wheel device for smartphones. No battery is needed because it is plug-in powered via earphone jack.