3D graphics startup Sciement wins Innovation Weekend Grand Finale in Tokyo

Sciement CEO and President Dr. Hirofumi Seo

Innovation Weekend is a monthly showcase and meet-up event organized by Tokyo-based startup incubator Sunbridge Global Ventures. The grand finale is held every December, where the monthly winners from the year compete in a pitch session.

This year’s grand finale had local preliminary editions in Boston, London, and Singapore, as well as Tokyo. Earlier this week, winners from Japan and three continents competed at the Tokyo event, where Tokyo-based Sciement won the top prize on audience vote.

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Sciement is developing science-focused 3D computer graphics solutions. According to Sciement CEO and founder Dr. Hirofumi Seo, some statistics say that there is one congenital cardiac disorder out of 100 to 200 people on average, which is not a small population of this disorder from the global perspective. While not all cases are life threatening, patients can see how their own heart is faring.

By creating 3D animation based on 3D scanning, the company will be able to help these patients understand their disorders visually.

This technology has unlimited applications and will contribute to the advancement of medicine by combining with other solutions such as 3D printing of human organs. Below is a video that simulates a beating human heart, produced in partnership with Riken and the University of Tokyo. If you come up with a good idea, please contact them for collaborative work.