Cheerz: New app that lets you ‘cheer’ J-pop idols aims for global expansion



This is the abridged version of our original article in Japanese.

Tokyo-based Fogg launched a mobile app called Cheerz for Android and iOS in early December, which allows users to “cheer” their favorite J-pop idols. The company has partnered with All Blue, a startup that provides idol-focused online media site Tokyo Girls’ Update, for global expansion.

Cheerz is a fan engagement app for budding idols, allowing them to share their selfies and snapshots to receive “cheer” endorsements from users. Idols that acquire a large number of “cheer” endorsements can then expand their exposure by appearing on live performances or TV shows.

Since its December launch, the Cheerz app has sent over 1 million “cheers” endorsements to participating idols in just three days, followed by 5 million in two weeks, and 10 million “cheer” endorsements in a month.

Idols that acquire “cheer” endorsements have the chance to promote themselves via the app’s partnering media, including Tokyo Girls’ Update. Tokyo Girls’ Update will launch a TV show focused on J-pop idols on NHK World/JibTV in April, where budding idols will have a chance to be featured. Fogg and All Blue will work together to help J-pop idols raise their appeal globally, including holding live performances for their global fan base.

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Translated by Masaru Ikeda
Edited by Kurt Hanson