Japan’s Conyac now provides more than translation, better helping companies go global



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Tokyo-based Anydoor, the startup behind a crowdsourced translation service called Conyac, launched a new platform called Conyac Market on Thursday, aiming to support global expansion of companies in more comprehensive ways beyond translation services. The new platform allows users to outsource many tasks required for their global business expansion, such as localization of their service, conducting on-site research in their targeting market, and copywriting the service’s name relevant to their targeting market.

Conyac has acquired more than 45,000 crowdsourced bilingual or multilingual translators from over 70 languages. The company had been receiving requests from users asking to deal with comprehensive business services beyond translation, such as proofreading documents by native foreign-language speakers, transcribing documents and composing press releases in foreign languages. In order to leverage the skills of their crowdsourced translators and meet increasing demand from ordering users, we were told that Anydoor has decided to launch the new platform.

Anydoor CEO Naoki Yamada told us his comment on what they expect upon the launch:

Anydoor CEO Naoki Yamada

Conyac was originally launched to help people break through language barriers rather than providing translation services. While our crowdsourced translators have been increasing in number, demands from our ordering users have become  more diversified. In order to make the best of our translators’ skills, we launched Conyac Market to allow them to receive tasks in addition to crowdsourced translation work.

For corporate or individual users, translation is not a purpose but a means. I believe that our translators can provide more to help users achieve their purpose. I expect that this new service to help more corporations and individuals better connect with the global community.

In order to use Conyac Market services, you need to sign up for the Conyac translation platform as an ordering user to request translation tasks instead of using a crowdsourced translator. No monthly fee is needed, but a commission ranging from 2% to 10% for an outsourced task deal transacted through the platform will be charged.

While crowdsourced services fit well within the needs of tasks requiring faster performance and cost efficiency, it is difficult for users to gain feedback on their crowdsourced workers in a continuous job for future performance improvement.

Conyac Market is not a crowdsourcing platform but an outsourcing one, where you can appoint a specific worker who can comply with your detailed demands. With the new platform, corporate users will find it easier to maintain confidentiality despite ordering their business tasks of a third party, thus availing more options to companies in need of translation or other demands for global expansion.

Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy