Crowdfunding campaign underway for Kayac’s LED skirt that lights up your thighs



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After meeting the funding target for their Danbokko Kitchen crowdfunding campaign on 26 March, Tokyo-based creative agency Kayac is moving forward with a new project called Hikaru Skirt, or “illuminating skirt.” This crowdfunding campaign for a skirt that lights up your Zettai Ryoiki [1] with colorful LED’s, started on 2 April with a funding goal of 3.9 million yen (approximately $32,000).

The Hikaru Skirt is a personalizable fashion item with LED lights built into the skirt. Changing the LED’s color to match your outfit or your mood is easy using the skirt’s companion smartphone app. The skirt’s lights can be turned on or off with the touch of a button, and it can even sync to music at parties or clubs. The previous model of Hikaru Skirt was featured in a video by idol group Moso Calibration and their new song Mahou no Juice (see the video in the bottom).

Lighting under the skirt can be controlled by a dimmer in a mobile app.

While it is uncommon for Kayac to promote a product that has a single creator, the skirt has been getting considerable social media attention leading to the decision to branch out into the manufactured goods market. Kayac Creative Director Kiyoyuki Amano is taking the leadership role in the Hikaru Skirt project.

Along with the cosplay boom, an increasing interest in science fiction and anime fashion is emerging. Is it possible to create something that bridges the gap between cosplay and everyday fashion, takes advantage of technology and looks good, too? This was the question that gave way to the Hikaru Skirt.

Amano explained:

The technology wasn’t the basis for the skirt; it was more the question of how can we make personal style more enjoyable? That lead to its development. In designing the skirt it was really important to me that it look cute whether lit up or not. You can wear it to go with a one-piece or as a skirt; it’s fashion that fits into everyday style.

Supporting the campaign at the 16,000-yen level gets you one medium Hikaru Skirt – delivery set for this October. Supporting projects like these that have single creators reinforces the creative spirit of Kayac’s employees. We look forward to seeing more unique products from Kayac.

Translated by Connor Kirk
Edited by Masaru Ikeda and Kurt Hanson

  1. Zettai Ryoiki is originally a term from Japanese anime series Evangelion, “Absolute territory” in English, has come to refer to the section of skin exposed between the hem of a miniskirt and the top of knee high socks.