Japan’s Inbound Insight helps tourism industry understand behavior of foreign visitors



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Tokyo-based Nightley, a Japanese startup developing analytics technologies using geographical data, launched a service this month called Inbound Insight, which visualizes how visitors to Japan behave on the map by leveraging what they post on social media platforms.

Inbound Insight is available via two service plans: Behavioral Data Visualization Plan and Analytics Data Purchase Plan.

As a freemium service, the former plan provides users with a heatmap on the map, popular destination rankings, and behavioral data via charts. In addition, premium users paying a monthly subscription fee of 100,000 yen ($800) also offers a route map showing how visitors are traveling around Japan, estimated nationality deviation (only for visitors from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand), estimated gender deviation (only for visitors from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong), visiting venue data, posted words on social media platform, and attached pictures. User subscriptions will be updated every three months.

The latter plan offers analytics data in a CSV format during the dates a user designates, with attributes like data and time, latitude and longitude, prefecture, city or town, street or block name, venue name, user ID, assumed gender, estimated nationality, posted text, and URL for attached pictures. Starting at 500,000 yen ($4,000), the fee for this plan varies depending on duration and geographical coverage on what a user wants to grab the statistics in.

A route map showing how visitors are traveling.
This map shows visiting venue data, posted words on social media platform.
Estimated gender deviation (only for visitors from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong).

Nightley has been developing analytics technologies leveraging social interactions in Japanese, but the company has developed additional technologies to detect user language on social media platforms, their nationality, and whether they are in Japan or overseas.

Inbound Insight gives users analytics based on interactions from Twitter, Sina Weibo and other social network platforms. Meanwhile, private posts and log data from other, closed apps are not made subject to use as source of the statistics.

Nightley will market the product to government offices, the tourism industry, hotels, shopping malls, and store associations in Japan because they intend to invite foreign visitors to their sites, aiming to acquire 100 corporate users for the visualization plan as well as 20 corporate users for the data purchase plan.

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