Japan’s Cerevo unveils BlueNinja sensor module, eases development of IoT products



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Tokyo-based Cerevo, the Japanese startup behind a variety of smart consumer electronics devices, recently announced BlueNinja, a module with Bluetooth and 9-axis sensors designed for developers of IoT (Internet of Things) products. This is the second product from Cerevo’s new flagship brand Cerevo Maker Series, specifically targeting hardware developers, and the company’s first originally-developed product.

The BlueNinja module uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Toshiba’s low-power application processor TZ1001 as its main system. This module encloses 9-axis sensors along with circuit charging/discharging lithium-ion batteries, allowing users to develop IoT devices like activity trackers using just the module and batteries without special knowledge.

The module has a wide range of development phase applications from prototyping to mass manufacturing, and users can also order by 100 or 1,000 units as required. In addition to the module, Cerevo introduced a development kit consisting of the module and a breakout board with debug console output.

Cerevo started receiving orders for the mobule on the company’s e-commerce site; it expects the first lot to be shipped in early August. The module will be also exhibited at Makers Faire Tokyo 2015, which will take place at Tokyo Big Sight on August 1st and 2nd.

Translated by Masaru Ikeda
Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy