Boost: GitHub alternative from Japan that helps developers manage pieces of source codes



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Fukuoka-based Maisin & Co. released a new product called Boost in beta on August 27th, as a platform for system developers to save and share their source codes.

In March, Maisin was graduated from the second batch of Slogan Viling Ventures, an EduTech-focused acceleration program in Tokyo. Subsequently the company secured an undisclosed amount of funding from Slogan Coant and Viling Venture Partners, in addition to the BonAngels Pacemaker Fund.

Based on a series of interviews with some hundred system developers, Maisin CEO Kazumasa Yokomizo found out that they would save pieces of their source codes using various tools. In order to help them put these pieces together and manage them with a tool, Yokomizo and his team developed the Boost app and introduced it as beta this time.

The app allows developers to save short codes and snippets as well as markdown files for every module into the cloud then share them with their other team members, while completed source codes are typically shared via GitHub. The Boost app is provided as a Mac App, allowing users to save and retrieve their codes in the app.

Saving source codes.
Retrieving source codes.
Sharing source codes with other team members.

While the app is available for free to individual users, Maisin is considering a charge fee for team usage after the official release. Looking ahead, the company plans to strengthen functions like real-time update of shared source codes and team-wide communication, trying to make the app available as an open source platform.

The Boost project was launched as part of Yokomizo’s effort to fill the engineering skills gap with his CTO Junyoung Choi, with Yokomizo’s aim being elimination of extraneous programming steps upon developing an app. It will be interesting to see how favorably their concept will be received by other system developers.

Translated by Masaru Ikeda
Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy