Japan’s Everest App eases planning and managing events across multiple platforms



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Tokyo-based Amazing Story, the Japanese startup consisting of multinational team members, launched an event planning and managing app called Everest App for iOS this month.

The app allows one to organize personal events across multiple apps such as Google Calendar, Facebook and other social network services. Its basic functions include checking events on calendar, reviewing back past events with other attendees and planning new events.

Amazing Story’s CEO Jeffrey Moon explained what  motivated him to develop Everest App:

When I was attending a business school while working as a strategy consultant, I had been struggling with the complication of managing my schedule using multiple apps. I came up with development of this app to eliminate the inconvenience in managing schedules.

The app is aimed to help busy business professionals ease managing events from multiple apps. To add emotional elements in the app, users are allowed to share photos or comments with other users participating in the same event.

Everest App

In addition to Jeffrey Moon who originally came from South Korea, each member of his team has a multinational background so the app has been available both in English and Japanese since its initial launch. What makes Everest App quite different from other event managing apps such as Peatix is focus on helping users manage their personal events and community because Everest App intends users to plan their events by  leveraging their social graph and share experiences with attendees only.

The team says they plan to launch an Android version in February.

The Amazing Story team

Translated by Taijiro Takeda
Edited by Masaru Ikeda