Digg CEO Gary Liu foresees messaging-driven media taking center stage in business sectors


This is a guest post authored by “Tex” Pomeroy. He is a Tokyo-based writer specializing in ICT and high technology.

Digg CEO Gary Liu (right) moderated by DG Incubation’s Takahiro Shoji (left)

In early October, Digg CEO Gary Liu talked about the American firm’s newly-reborn services in Tokyo at Digital Garage’s headquarters. Emceed by DG Incubation Managing Director Takahiro Shoji whose company had recently invested in Digg, Liu made a quick stopover on his way back to the US from Southeast Asia for presentation of his views related to trends in Digg’s business sector.

Shoji (who appeared sporting a Chartbeat T-shirt but more on this later) first outlined Digg’s background, as most of the audience was Japanese and unfamiliar with the old precursor news-curating site with the Digg moniker. In a nutshell the reincarnated Digg is today a messaging-driven media info supplier that threshes out content from cyberspace, selecting, indexing and ranking/clustering news that should as well as need to be read from 7.5 million articles or videos sourced daily.

Digg CEO Gary Liu

The Digg chief then laid out a convincing case of how media trends have shifted from Portal and Open Web to Mobile types, in reflecting the change of technology to the one centered on the smartphone. The jetsetting executive foresees the messaging apps taking center stage in business and social communications sectors henceforth as seen in the increasing popularity of list and write-around.

It was added by the American who took notice of the emcee wearing the name of the analysis tool handled by the Digital Garage group that his seven-person editorial team was harnessing the Chartbeat product to achieve much results. By leveraging such advances, Digg is gaining a proprietary and defensible operations model. This also was strengthened earlier in the year with the introduction of DiggBot messaging apps that avails a content search engine and a content push mechanism.

Digg now works with Amazon’s Alexa-enabled Echo devices

Digg thus hopes to transition from a publishing site to a global data-tech powerhouse while the Digital Garage group can expect to derive benefits beyond simple return on investments.

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