Singapore’s micro-survey startup Happi now going global


This is a guest post authored by “Tex” Pomeroy. He is a Tokyo-based writer specializing in ICT and high technology.


Singapore-based micro-survey firm Happi is launching its 2.0 app over the Asia-Pacific region, starting with Southeast Asia, Oceania, India, Sri Lanka and Japan as well as Columbia. It has other locations in the pipeline now. Available in 11 languages, the app includes a self-service portal to enable partners and clients to conduct market research and consumer activation quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Happi was founded by Greg Lipper in January of 2016 and has to date processed over 2.5 million survey responses from over 20,000 users – mostly university students – in Singapore and Manila.

The Happi founder says,

What turns this around from a marketing perspective is its ease and frequency. Instead of sitting through a 45-minute survey where you never hear from the company again, respondents only take a minute to answer questions, win prizes, and we can touch base with them anytime we want.

Happi CEO Greg Lipper

This micro-survey app enables clients to understand, engage and converse at scale with precisely defined consumer segments.

The surveys are quick and regular, enticing respondents back with opportunities to win prizes and contribute to their favorite causes in return for answering 5-question surveys.

Chief Happiness Officer Lipper said,

We have a relationship based on daily conversations with consumers – not a drive-by survey.

Happi recruits users through alliances with a wide range of charities, teams, clubs, community and student activity groups, offering them a risk-free, cost-free and community-building way to raise funding.

Lipper adds,

This gives businesses and individuals around the world the power to ask precisely profiled consumers what they really want, and then deliver a tailored promotion to them based on those exact preferences, adds Lipper.

Happi’s new self-service portal enables clients to define their segments, check on the number of responders who meet that profile, launch surveys and see their results in interactive reports.

Notes Lipper,

Traditional market research is expensive, complex, and resource intensive, meaning only the largest of Asian companies and multinationals are able to include formal market research in their planning and development. Happi makes market research faster, easier and cheaper so that a broader range of companies can use it. This ‘Research Lite’ approach is the first step on the path to more sophisticated marketing plans and digital engagement strategies for SMEs across the region.