Three months after launch, Japanese online pawnshop app ‘CASH’ acquired by DMM for $62.2M


Tokyo-based startup ‘Bank‘… the company behind an online pawnshop app called ‘CASH‘… announced today that it has been acquired by Japanese internet giant and service conglomerate for 7 billion yen, or about $62.2 million US. The app was just launched as early as three months ago late in June this year.

Launched by Yusuke Mitsumoto, the founder of online shop builder, the Tokyo startup provides a mobile app that enables users to take a snapshot of an item of value and transmit it for evaluation. If the seller agrees to the price presented by the platform, he or she can obtain an advance on the sale to their account.

The startup has hitherto never raised funds from investors since its foundation back in February of this year, thus it seems fully owned by founder Mitsumoto. He unveiled that DMM has acquired the entire stake in ‘Bank’ by paying 7 billion yen in cash as of October 31st.

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‘Bank’ Founder & CEO / ‘CASH’ app inventor Yusuke Mitsumoto (left), CEO Takanori Katagiri (right)

Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy