Meet Secondz, Chrome extension to create app guides only by browsing and clicks

Image credit: Adsai

Tokyo-based startup Adsai officially launched a platform called Secondz, which allows manual creators to make animated manuals for help desks and customer support centers with just a single click. These manuals can be created (recorded) in the form of an operation through the Chrome browser with a Google Chrome extension, and can be viewed on various web browsers for PCs and mobile devices. Manual creators can use a dashboard to see stats such as which pages visitors are viewing, which pages they are dropping off.

Adsai was founded in 2019 by CEO Tatsuya Itai and others. Prior to Adsai, Itai has been previously invovled in developing social game titles at Gree (TSE: 3632), business planning and product planning manager at recruiting company En Japan (TSE: 4849), and the launch of natural language processing and B2B SaaS solutions at PKSHA Technology (TSE: 3993).

The company has so far developed several products such as an automation tool for programmatic recruitment advertising under the same name as well as a product demo clip creation tool called Selfdemo. Developed based on the Selfdemo tool, the Secondz platform is designed to better fit to the use of help desk and customer support centers.

While the spread of chatbots has led to labor savings and increased efficiency in help desks and customer support centers, more than a few companies are faced with the challenge of not having FAQs or question and answer collections in place to train chatbots. Therefore, Adsai has started developing the platform to easily explain how to use it to users without requiring extensive preparation. Since its launch on Product Hunt on January 8, the Secondz platform has gained paying users from 35 countries around the world. It has been ranked on the third place as a Product of the Day.

Itai created an animated guide for the Bridge website using Secondz in a few seconds.

Following the PLG (Product-Led Growth) strategy, the platform is offered on a freemium basis but the free edition has some restrictions such as logging being limited to the latest version and the quantity of recordable versions. These restrictions can be removed by transferring to the paying menu for $15 a month. The created manuals can be shared via URL and even embedded in websites using Iframe tags (see above). Within the next six months, the company plans to launch a new version that allows you to record operations of desktop apps.

Combined with ChatGPT and other tools, Adsai plans to evolve Seconds into a comprehensive support platform so that users can ask questions interactively. Itai says that by using the generative AI technology, it will be possible to create the equivalent of an FAQ menu by simply recording transitioning screens by mouse clicks with answering a few questions. This new version is expected to complete in few months, and then publish it again on Product Hunt.

According to its post on Japanese social recruiting platform Wantedly, Adsai apparently secured VC funding back in 2021. Prior to that, the company was selected for the 14th batch of the AI.Accelerator program run by Japanese recruiting company DIP (TSE: 2379). Along with the launch of the Secondz Japanese edition at this time, the company announced that it has been selected by Microsoft for Startups.