Line apps rules Google Play rankings, owns the top 5 in Japan


While NHN Japan’s popular Line chat app has amazingly surpassed 100 million users, it might be a more impressive feat that the company has managed to turn the app into a platform from which to distribute its other applications. The success of this model is especially evident today, as the current top five free Google Play apps in Japan are all Line apps, as you can see below. Out of the top ten, Line amazingly accounts for seven.


While the Line chat app rules the roost, it’s immediately followed by three of NHN Japan’s new games, including Wind Runner which we recently profiled over on our YouTube channel (see below).

Line is doing well on the top grossing charts too, with four of the top ten highest grossing apps.

If you need any more convincing of the effectiveness of this app distribution model, just look to neighboring South Korea where NHN Japan’s chat app cousin Kakao is even more dominant, occupying almost every position in both the top free and top grossing Google Play charts for that country. (Via, front page photo from MDN)