Tokyo 24-hour bus service to offer complimentary wi-fi

Photo by yoppy on Flickr, creative commons.

The Tokyo Bureau of Transportation announced several months ago that it would start its first 24-hour bus service in Tokyo, connecting Roppongi and Shibuya, two busy commercial districts that never sleep. Coinciding with the launch on December 20th, the bureau announced today it will offer in-bus wi-fi service to passengers for free.


Looking ahead to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, this might be part of the government’s efforts to make the city more usable for foreign visitors, given that international data roaming charges are so high. Many public transit operators in Japan are deploying in-train or in-bus wi-fi equipment to serve passengers better. But most of them require a subscription to a wi-fi service provider, and that’s likely troublesome for most visitors coming to Japan.

The bureau’s in-bus wi-fi service is available for any passengers, and allowing them to enjoy internet browsing for up to 180 minutes in a single session.

Deployment of the equipment will be completed on all 1,452 buses by next March.