Uniqlo lets design your own t-shirts on your mobile



Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo started a new service earlier this week called UTme. It allows you to design and order a shirt you design yourself using their UT (Uniqlo t-shirt) line-up.
You can complete your design using their smartphone app (for both iOS and Android), and order it online if you like. You can also try out the UTme experience at the company’s flagship store in Tokyo’s Ginza district.

If all goes well, your t-shirt will be printed and delivered on the next day. Shirts are available in sizes XS to XL for 1,990 yen (about $20) plus shipping. The service is currently only available in Japan.

The iOS app is off to an especially good start, currently ranked as the top free app in the Japanese app store.

On a somewhat related note, our readers may recall that Uniqlo recently started offering Line Character branded t-shirts, another interesting initiative that might appeal to many smartphone users in Japan.

via Mobile & Apps