Drones promise future excitements in Japan


This is a guest post authored by “Tex” Pomeroy. He is a Tokyo-based writer specializing in ICT and high technology.


The Consortium of Co-creation for Drone Society, based inside Keio University’s research institute at SFC, was established December 25th last year but on Thursday announced its plans for the future to the press. These include educating specialists and non-specialists alike as regards drones, to shore up the human resources situation, in particular for Japan.

The Consortium was organized in the wake of legal restrictions being mulled by Japan in relation to drones. Its research team comprises Keio academics such as Internet/IoT guru Jun Murai and security issues analyst Ken Jimbo, as well as some leading-edge businesspeople, among two dozen other experts involved.


Additionally, it will conduct research involving the use of drones in society while promoting drone business overall. Initially, the group aims to push drone racing activities specifically, at the press conference unveiling the holding of Aerial Grand Prix Japan. The February 14th event at Keio SFC is a “World Drone Prix in Dubai” qualifier.

The drone business is seen expanding henceforth into fields like autonomous driving, 3D printing and logistics, arenas where startups can shine in. The new organization, which will hold a series of meetings in March, will be worthy of participation for those eyeing new opportunities even though the sky may not quite be the limit.