Japanese poop-logging app has over 130,000 downloads


Apps that track and measure your personal data are quite popular these days. Things like Fitbit, Pulse, and Noom [1] are part of a wave of life-logging services that health-conscious folks can use. You can track just about anything these days. But Japan has taken this kind of life-logging to a bit of an extreme, with a service called ‘Unlog’, or ‘Poo Log’ in English.

It’s not easy to write about a service like this with a straight face, but I’ll do my best.

Poo Log is a free iOS app that lets you input details about each poop that you make. You can specify the size, shape, and color of your poops, as well as input how bad it smelled or whether or not you experienced any discomfort. There also a memo if you want to add some more detailed notes. Upon submission, each poop is assigned a ‘poton’ (a sort of dropping sound in Japanese) score as a strange sort of reward. You can learn more about how it works in the AppBank video demo above.

As you input more and more poops, you can then look back on them all dotting your calendar, plotted on a graph, or even marked geographically on a map. This Poo Log app has been around since July of 2012, but version six just dropped (pardon the poop pun) with a range of new features, including cloud data storage and the ability to record logs for multiple users.

It’s a surprisingly popular application too, with over 130,000 downloads to date. If you’d like to try it out, you can get it as a free download for iOS or Android [2]. So far it’s in Japanese only, but lets hope they expand to other languages soon. As funny as it is with it’s cute poop characters, this is actually a useful app, especially for anyone with digestion issues.

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  1. We interviewed Noom CEO Saeju Jeong recently, as you may recall.  ↩

  2. For an ad-free version, you can pay.  ↩