Popular anime finds funding on Kickstarter



There are a several crowd-funding sites in Japan, including Campfire, Readyfor, Justgiving Japan, and Motion Gallery. The latter focuses on creative projects, and I’ve even found myself pitching in on projects on the site 1. Although there are many domestic platforms where one can seek out funding, the animation project Time of Eve chose Kickstarter to reach fans outside of Japan.

The initiative began at the end of May, and just one month later it had twelve times the funding amount that it first asked for, with about $215,000 from over 2700 supporters. The goal of the project was to raise money to issue and distribute a Blu-ray version of the anime with English subtitles.

The most popular pledge was about $55, with over 1,300 supporters pitching in that amount. Those supporters will receive the Blu-ray DVD with English subtitles and bonus features, a 40-page art book, eight character cards, and more.

Time of Eve was an impressive Kickstarter success, ranking as the 6th most-funded anime project in the site’s history. The last time a high profile Japanese anime was posted on Kickstarter was at the end of last year, for a film called Kick Heart. The film now ranks 7th after Time of Eve.

Leveraging crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter can be a great enabler for many creative projects, not just in terms of funding but for promotion as well. We hope to see more anime projects achieve similar success in the future.

  1. Which one? Herb & Dorothy. Check it out.