Japan’s Netprice.com invests in Turkey’s largest price comparison site Akakce.com


akakceJapanese e-commerce and incubation company Netprice.com announced today that it has invested in Turkey’s largest price comparison site Akakce.com, establishing a strategic partnership at the same time. Detailed figures about the investment were not disclosed. According Netprice, this will be the first investment by a Japanese company into a Turkish e-commerce business.

Update: According to turk.internet.com, Netprice.com took a 20% stake in Akakce.com.

Akakce.com was founded in 2000 in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, provides the nation’s consumers with prices and user opinions about a variety of products such as home appliances, health care products, and gaming products.

Turkey’s population is around 75 million, and about 47% of them have access to the Internet [1]. The country has huge potential for e-commerce because payment and logistics infrastructure are already sufficient.

Akakace.com has more than 4 million monthly unique visitors. Through this partnership, Netprice.com aspires to learn more about the Turkish e-commerce market, and plans to help the community grow by incubating local startups.

Since Turkish entrepreneur Bora Savas joined the investment team at NetPrice.com back in January, I assume he involved in this investment — likely an important link in helping the Japanese company connect with the Turkish startup community.


  1. This is based on surveys from Eurostat and Turkstat.  ↩