Classic game from Sega gets a refresh for iPhone


Video game giant Sega had a hit game called Puyo Puyo way back in 1991 (it was called Puyo Pop in countries outside of Japan). So I think many people were pleased to see that the company released a new Puyo Puyo game on iOS on April 24th. It’s called Puyo Puyo Quest.

The game has a strong fan base across a variety of age segments, and it quickly nabbed million downloads just ten days after its release. One of the biggest gaming portals, has even called the puzzle game a national obsession. The game was the top free app in Japan for a brief period, and it retained a position in the top five until May 8. It has dropped off a little since, but still ranks fourth overall in the puzzle category currently.

The game works sort of like Tetris, but it has now been optimized for smartphone. You basically erase one puyo (the slimy looking creatures) to bundle up four of the same color. By eliminating more and more puyo, you can build up power to damage your opponent. This bundle reaction is called Rensa in Japanese, which can roughly be translated as ‘chain reaction’. The initial navigation takes a while to get past, but once you get started, it’s a fun game to play.

For those people who are not familiar with the original Puyo Puyo game, the iOS version might remind you a little of that other puzzle RPG, Gung Ho’s hit title Puzzle & Dragons.

This is not the first time that Sega brought Puyopuyo to iOS, as Puyopuyo Fever Touch was released in Japan back in 2009.