Can’t sleep? Japan has the Ultimate Sleeping app!


TheUltimateSleeping-app TheUltimateSleeping-app-kirie

In Japan, one in five people say they have trouble sleeping. This is according to Della, a company based in Roppongi which aspires to solve this problem. The company recently released its iPhone app, based on their popular Ultimate Sleeping CD that has sold over 400,000 copies.

According to a user survey, 85% of those who used the CD responded that they can sleep better after listening, and over half say that they are waking up more easily too.

The Ultimate Sleeping app is available both in Japanese and English. It features soothing ‘pink noise’, a blend of high and low frequencies that produces mesmerizing waterfall effect. It is supposedly effective in melting away stress and encouraging relaxation. Currently it is doing reasonably well in the ‘health and fitness’ category, ranked 20th in the Japanese app store.

I tried out the app, and it needs a lot of work in terms of user interface design. It seems more like a website that has been forced into app form. But it does have some pretty art work by Kirie artist Takeaki Yokota. Kirie is a traditional style of Japanese papercutting art.

The Ultimate Sleeping app is free to download with in-app-purchases for additional sounds. The app can be downloaded here if you’d like to give it a try.