Gyao and GREE establish investment fund to develop anime film business



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Gyao, a broadband video distribution company and a subsidiary of Yahoo Japan (TYO:4689), and Japanese social gaming giant GREE (TYO:3632) announced today that they have established a company to invest in animation content development. The team-up was first announced back in February with a tentative company name.

Making the most of IT and information systems, the new company will be called AnimatiC (which they say is a combo of animation and systematic) and its goal will be to develop fresh new animation films and content that audiences have never seen before.

AnimatiC’s portfolio films will be distributed via video distribution platforms including Gyao, and it is expected that business will extend beyond developing social gaming apps or collectible card game products derivative from anime. Accordingly, for film producers, if you receive investment from the fund, you can easily get a distribution channel for your film, and have an easy access to related businesses.

On a bit of a side note, Japanese smash-hit mobile gaming app Puzzle & Dragons has recently partnered with animated film series Evangelion to offered a limited time promotion where users can win character items from the series. Similarly, a film distributor planning to release the anime Time of Eve with English subtitles on Blu-ray raised more than 7 million dollars in about four weeks on crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter. These results indicate there is much potential in anime content distribution over the internet.

I believe it is possible to empower many anime creators using IT and information systems. As seen in the recently launch of anime-focused crowdfunding site Anipopo, this space is the focus of very high expectations from the market.