Leading up to updated Disney attraction, Darth Vader’s assault on Japan begins



In preparation for the upcoming May opening of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue at Tokyo Disney Resort, Disney (NYSE:DIS) has recently established a fun promotional website at Vader.jp.

The site is skinned to look the the dashboard of a space craft [1], and featured in the center are a couple of fun promotional videos from Disney showing Darth Vader and his storm troopers on the hunt for a rebel spy in Japan.

The first video, entitled ‘Darth Vader: Attack on Japan’ is pretty epic. It features some great scenes of Imperial Walkers clomping by a Japanese castle, TIE fighters swooping though metro Tokyo, and the Death Star hovering ominously over Mount Fuji.

There’s a second, more humorous promo video called ‘Attack on Okinawa’ which shows Vader and company stomping though tourist shops, and even taking some time to kick back for some iced tea on the beach.

I expect there will likely be more videos in this series, to stay tuned to their playlist as the date for the opening of the attraction approaches.

  1. I don’t have the geek cred to identify which one, but if my life depended on it I’d guess Millenium Falcon.  ↩