Japanese app lets you replace your receptionist with an iPad



Occasionally when we visit offices here in Japan, the reception area will have a touchscreen system that lets you page the person you want to see. If you ever visit TeamLab or Sansan, you’ll see such a system [1]. But a fun new iPad application released earlier this month in Japan has brought a personal, and rather beautiful, touch to this kind of receptionist system.

Developed by Analog Twelve, the Beauty Receptionist for iPad app displays a touch menu along with a receptionist lady who talks you through the process (in Japanese). After configuring the system with your own office’s contact/department list and phone numbers, a visitor to your office can then make calls to your employees from the reception area.

I’ve asked Analog Twelve for more information about how the system works, but the company hasn’t replied so far (Ironically, not very receptive!). However, it looks like the app may be fee-based, and if you want to change receptionists, that requires an in-app purchase too.

The company previously released iPad Receptionist, and this new app appears to be a more polished version of that application. From an equality standpoint, it would be nice to see some male receptionists available in the app. But I guess the app is staying true-to-life, as I’ve not seen any male receptionists here in Japan.

You can learn more about Beauty Receptionist over on the company’s homepage (Japanese), or check out the demo video below.

  1. I’m told Sansan’s system was created by TeamLab.  ↩