TeamLabBody 3D iPad app is a medical student’s dream



I recently had a chance to visit Team Lab, the folks behind a number of incredible digital projects, such as the fun TeamLab hangers which we recently featured. And this month recently the company has released an amazing app for iPad called TeamLab Body.

The app presents a 3D representation of the entire human body, including the skeletal, muscle, nervous, circulatory systems and even ligaments. You can toggle the visibility of each system on the side panel, depending on which area you would like to explore. So for example, if you select only the skeletal system, you have a complete 3D human skeleton at your fingertips. Using the search function, you can also find parts of the body according to their medical name, as well as view a detailed text description if their function. If you’d like to make your own notes you can do that too.

Amazingly the app accurately reproduces motion as well, and does so in three dimensions. In the video below you can get a general idea for how it works. This, they claim, is the world’s first analysis and 3D reproduction of living human joints. Using the iPad, they can be viewed from any angle.

TeamLab body was created using data from professor and orthopedic surgeon Kazuomi Sugamoto and his laboratory at Osaka University, who had collected all this interesting anatomical data from living humans over 10 years through magnetic resonance imaging an CT scans, resulting in the potential for such amazing 3D motion graphics.

For anyone in the field of medicine, this would surely be an invaluable tool. It’s a little bit pricey as far as apps go, at a cost of $29.99, but I’m sure that’s a small price to pay for such a robust and handy reference. There is a lite version of the app available for $0.99, restricted to the head only of you’d like to test it out.

You can learn more about the project over at