Top 5: Japanese Hairstyle Apps


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Japan has quite a few unique photo apps, as we have mentioned many times. Many of them are beauty-related applications, targeting the young female demographic. Below are five hair-related apps from Japan that might help girls on their quest to look cute. The majority are photo applications, and if you’re a fan of Japanese hairstyles, you’ll be sure to enjoy them! So here they are, in no particular order.


ImecodeThis hairstyle simulation app has been downloaded over one million times. There are different hairstyles available from popular hair salons, and if you like one, you can make a reservation within the app.

The simulated hair can be published in the app, and then entered into a popularity poll by other users. The resulting photo can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, or email, so that you can find out what your friends think. Imecode is available on iOS as a free download.

Morigami Camera

Morigami-CameraIn just five seconds, this app lets you transform into a Kyabakura girl (or a club hostess). This style of big hair is called Morigami, and the list of girls available on the app are actual club hostesses.

You can choose one girl with a hairstyle you like, and then enjoy the morigami youself. Morigami can be downloaded for iOS.

Homegami Dresser

Homegami-Dresser‘Homegami’ means a hair style that people would give you compliments for. In this app you can chooise from over 30 hair styles, and the transformed image moves its eyes and neck making the photo look real. By registering over on website, you can also add frames to your photos. Homegami Dresser is available over on Google Play and on App Store.

Vivivi.comThis app is provided by a hair salon portal called You can search for hair salons, hair styles, or even search for coupons and user reviews. Using GPS, the app will suggest nearby hair salons for you. You can also search for salons according to the kind of services they provide, by type of facilities, or by their specialities or popularity. is available for free over on the App Store and on Google Play.


With ChouChou, you can try out popular Kawaii (or cute) hairstyles in Tokyo, and its in 3D. The company behind the app is Motion Portrait, known for their facial technology that breathes in life into photos. The resulting portrait looks more authentic, giving you a better idea of what you would really look like with a certain hairstyle. Check out how the app works in the video below.


There are other hair-related apps out there that are a little on the wacky side. MustacheBooth 3D lets you see what you would look like with different styles of mustache — even if you’re a woman.

And then there is Zura Catch (‘zura’ means wig in Japanese), a casual mobile game. To play, you just hold the wig at the top of the screen, and try dropping it on the head of a moving ojisan (or older man)’s head. The ojisan is pretty nimble, and that makes the game harder than you would expect.

On sort of a related note, we came across an interesting offline promotion by a hair care product. Where did it take place? At stationary store. Near every pen/pencil section, a store usually sets up a white sheet of paper where shoppers can try out the products. Zero Scalp Shampoo placed white paper with an illustration of five bald-headed men on it. They drew some hair on the man on the far right, to inspire consumers to draw hair for other men. It was a very interesting choice of promotion location for hair care product company.

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