5 photo apps with fantastic skin filters that Japanese women prefer


It is probably safe to assume that on every Japanese girl’s smartphone home screen, they have a photo sharing app of some sort. Instagram is pretty mainstream in the country, but other popular photo apps seems to have one thing in common: Photo filters to make your skin look whiter and smoother. Here is a list of five apps with such filters that are likely to have nabbed a spot on girls’ smartphones.

Bihaku Camera


Bihaku Camera has an impressive 4.2 rating on Google Play so far, and with the app’s skin-whitening and smoothening features, freckles and wrinkles magically dissappear. This app is well-known among girls and according to R25, a popular free-paper by Recruit, members of the popular pop group AKB48 are fans of the app too.



Available on iOS, MoreBeaute is yet another such app which is popular among females. Skin-whitening and smoothening is done automatically whenever a photo is taken or chosen from photo library. The app easily creates the sort of pore-free skin that girls dream of.



In the past few years, Japanese girls — especially those in high school and college — began wearing colored contact lenses as part of their fashion. And this photo sharing app, which was just recently released, is lets girls try out different colored contact lenses. Prunelle, which means pupils in French, has over 200 kinds of colored lenses, available in various sizes. If you find a favorite, the app allows you to purchase the product directly from the app.


At traditional purikura photo booths, skin whitening filters are a default feature. DecoPuri is your own personal purikura app that comes with over 400 decorative materials including stamps and photo frames. But it also provides five levels of skin whitening and smoothning. The app also deletes the camera’s shutter sound, which can be handy for those who want to create selfies when out and about!

Megami Camera

Available for both iOS and Android, this app does more than just provide features to enhance the skin, but it also has twenty different filters for the eyes. Making your eyes sparkle or change color is just a tap away with Megami Camera. It has a 4.4 rating on Google Play, and you can see how it works in the video below.