Tokyo-based startup Clear launches English news site focused on Japanese sake

Image from Saketimes

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Tokyo-based Clear, the startup best known for promoting subscription-based Japanese sake service Sakelife and acting as a consultant for a Japanese sake restaurant in Shibuya, launched a news site focused on Japanese sake called Saketimes today.

Japan is receiving more attention from the world because Japanese cuisine has been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list as well as the country is hosting the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Japanese government’s cabinet office launched a project called ‘Enjoy Japanese Kokushu‘ last year and started promoting export of Japanese sake products to the global market.

The company aims to give people a more enjoyable drinking experience by sharing useful tips and interesting stories about the products. Since Japanese sake products are made at local breweries around the country, we may expect the company to partner with them and provide increased opportunities to taste many different local flavors.