Can’t remember which Japanese sake you drank? There’s an app for that!



If you’re a fan of Japanese sake, you should keep a spot open on your homescreen for Sakenote. This app allows you to keep track of sake you’ve drank, write a review of it, take photos, and even note where you had it. If your geo-location setting is on, the app automatically detects where you are so that you can look back on those places later on.

Sakenote works sort of like Snooth Wine or the Japanese wine tracking app called Vinica developed by It’s very simple. You just start by tapping the plus sign in the upper right corner to add your favorite sake to your list. You can even search for sake names and brands using the Roman alphabet. If you want to search by kanji, there are apps like imiwa available to hand-draw your kanji so you can then copy and paste.

When taking photos of the sake’s label, you might want to take photos of Tsumami (light snacks) as well so that it can help to trigger your memory later. You can share your sake with your friends on Twitter or Facebook as well. The app’s developer has plans to collaborate with sake manufacturers and restaurants to provide even more additional features later on.

Even if you become forgetful while drinking, Sakenote is a good way to ensure that you’ve remembered all the important details about your drinking. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Update: Readers may recall that we a wrote about a very similar app once before called Sakelover. It’s actually the same app, with a rebrand so that they could take the service global.