A closer look at, Booth, Pixiv’s new e-commerce platform



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Japanese social illustration service Pixiv recently announced its new e-commerce platform, Booth. It was officially launched last week, opening stores of nine prominent artists to sell their works online. We’d like to take a closer look at it right now.

Artists’ works could be things like decorative postcards, hand towels, clear file folders, t-shirts, and smartphone cases (see below). After signing up on the platform, you can receive updates from your favorite artists when have new works available. When you buy an item, your purchase action will be posted on the artist’s wall, which encourages other users following that artist to buy as well [1].


For artists, the platform lets you set a selling price or distribute their items to users for free, for evaluation or promotion purposes. Booth’s ‘Warehouse service’ packages, and ships your products on your behalf. The storage charge is free to keep items up to six months, and the shipping and handling charge is 700 yen (about $7), regardless of where in Japan your recipient is located. The goal is to meet all your e-commerce needs online, letting you concentrate on your creative activities.

Their dashboard for artists is smartly designed, and it’s easy to check how much revenue you’ve make on the platform. Because of Pixiv’s huge user community and integration with social media, I think the company will succeed in differentiating from competitors doing similar businesses.



  1. Their business model for the platform resembles that of US-based Society6 and Taiwan-based Fandora Shop.