Japanese collage app lets users mail New Year’s greeting cards



Back in September we wrote about Decopic’s impressive milestone of 30 million downloads. Community Factory, the maker of the photo sharing app, has lots of other great apps, including Decopic’s sister app Petapic.

Petapic was launched back in December of 2012 and has been downloaded over six million times to date. Users of the app can create cute collages with their own photos, and can draw on photos or decorate them with over 90 stamps. The app provides more than 80 different templates for collages, so its easy for first-time users to make a good one.

Starting in November, Petapic added a new feature where users can make their collage into a ‘Nengajo’ or Japanese New Year’s greeting cards. The nengajo postcards can then be mailed out for 128 yen (a little over a dollar). Although nengajo are traditionally postcards sent to homes, digital natives are more accustomed to simply sending text messages to friends. So this gesture will likely be seen as a thoughtful surprise. The new feature is available on Android for now, but an update will bring the feature to iOS sometime in mid-November.

Community Factory launched yet another ‘kawaii’ app called CunPic on October 24th [1]. Within three days of its release, the app ranked second on App Store among all free camera apps. CunPic differentiates itself from other cute apps with its skin-smoothening and whitening features, common to most purikura photo booths. It’s available on iOS for now, but expect an Android version soon.

If you’re in the market for a cute reminder app, Community Factory also makes Petatto Memo, which we featured back in October.

Petapic-nengajo1 Petapic-nengajo

  1. Editor’s note: Cunpic is such an unfortunate name…  ↩