Japan’s Crowd Cast partners with UK-based global expense firm SpendVision



Tokyo-based Crowd Cast is the developer a mobile app that helps business people complete expense reimbursement at their companies. In an effort to expand its business, the startup announced earlier this week that it has partnered with UK expense firm SpendVision.

The company plans to integrate its solution with SpendVision’s platform that matches expense history with credit card billing and submits it to accounting for approval. Crowd Cast will also co-develop solutions with SpendVision and start global marketing expansion focused on Europe and Asia.

Crowd Cast’s founder and CEO Takashi Hoshikawa explained:

By tying up with a global company like SpendVision, we can even beat Concur, the leading company in this space. I believe financial technology is a space where Japanese startups can defeat US companies.

Crowd Cast launched an expense reimbursement iOS app called BizNote Expense late last year, introducing an Android version last month. They are planning to establish an office in London later this year, primarily for the purpose of hiring talented people and learning about cutting edge trends from the global financial hub.