Japanese restaurant finder app Retty surpasses 5M monthly visitors

Retty CEO Kazuya Takeda

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Retty, a Tokyo-based startup providing social restaurant recommendations, announced that it has surpassed 5 million monthly unique visitors in November. Last year, the company announced that it had surpassed 1 million monthly unique visitors in October 2013. This is a quintupling of the user base in little over a year. Users have posted more than 1.2 million restaurant reviews to date, nearly a doubling of reviews from one year ago.

Retty has been hiring more staff this year. They invited former Google engineer Masato Taruichi as CTO as well as Hiroyuki Honda, former executive at Japanese human resource firm Recruit, as an advisor.

Retty CEO Kazuya Takeda spoke on their achievements:

The main reason we have surpassed 5 million visitors is because we built a platform that delivers good user reviews and restaurant profiles. While taking care of these users, we want to achieve milestones of 10 million, 30 million, and 50 million visitors as soon as possible. I think we will release an announcement of 100 million visitors soon.

In addition, we will start a full-scale global expansion in 2015, which will be based on our vision to make people in the world happier through better dining experiences.

The diagram below shows Retty’s sustainable user growth in recent months. Since its launch, the company has been showing a great interest in global expansion. Now that they have acquired experienced talent and a solid user base, we hope to tell you more about their expansion strategy in the near future.