Japanese crowdsourcing startup Lancers launches matchmaking platform for regional businesses



Tokyo-based Lancers operates one of Japan’s most popular crowdsourcing platforms. The company recently announced it has also launched a business matchmaking platform in closed beta, with the goal of connecting non-IT and regional business operators with potential clients. The new site is called Lancers Place, developed as a part of an effort to explore new business with Japanese telco KDDI.

By leveraging crowdsourced online workers, Lancers has been helping clients fulfill their IT needs in areas like web design, brochure layouts, and mobile app coding. But the company has been planning to expand beyond IT. KDDI has had a program for small and medium-sized enterprises since 2010, helping members find appropriate business fulfillment services. By connecting their user bases each other, the two companies expect to create more business opportunities that span geographical locations and business sectors.

Lancers aims to get about 100,000 regional businesses listed on the platform by the end of FY2014, and will work on member acquisition prior to launching the matchmaking function.

Via CNET Japan