P2P-based content distribution network MistCDN wins at KDDI incubator’s Demo Day



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Tokyo-based KDDI Mugen Labo, the tech incubator of Japan’s second largest telco, hosted a demo day event today, where five startups that graduated from the fifth batch of the incubator’s program showcased their achievements over the last several months.

MistCDN, a P2P-based content distribution network leveraging the WebRTC technology, won the top prize at the event. Here’s a quick rundown on what the five teams have been working on.

MistCDN by Mist Technologies (The best prize and the ‘best engineer’ prize winner)

Shintaro Tanaka

MistCDN is a content distribution network designed to distribute rich content. Unlike conventional CDN services, it obtains content from another user nearby in the network topology browsing the same content that you want to browse, so it requires no edge server or network. The company launched a live streaming service using the MistCDN technology today.

Filme by Coto-Coto (The ‘Family Ties’ prize and the ‘Audience’ prize winner)

Shingo Kadomatsu

Mothers like to videotape their children, but many complain that they have no time to edit and share the videos. To address this issue, Filme edits your video clips, creates a DVD, and delivers it to you or other family members periodically. All you have to do is videotape a 30-second clip every day and upload it to the Filme website. We consider this a version of the Kiddy family photo delivery service.

QuaQua by Ducklings (The ‘New Workstyle’ prize winner)

Norikazu Takagi

QuaQua is a marketplace for handmade jewelry. Users post a photo of their designs before manufacturing it. Once a design earns enough votes to make a profit, a user can start making, thus reducing the loss risk. While QuaQua initially aimed to establish a marketplace for general handmade crafts, they pivoted to jewelry because of potential competition.

Macaron by SPWTECH (The ‘Key of Beauty’ prize winner)

Keita Yoshida

Macaron is a fashion and beauty information-focused curation app for young females. Curated by 12 female university students, the app provides useful tips for women on how to be more fashionable and attractive. Its iOS app will be released soon, and its Android app will be out by year-end.

Repro (The ‘Global Create’ prize)

Yusuke Hirata

Repro is an analytics solution that allows game developers to improve their apps to increase user retention rates. By integrating the Repro SDK, developers can see how users play their app as well as how they look during game play. Twelve developers have adopted Repro’s analytics solution for 16 apps.

Along with this event, KDDI Mugen Labo announced it now accepting applications for the 7th batch of its incubation program. The deadline is August 15th. Apply here.