Animal Buzz: Japanese startup launches website for viral animal videos



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On the Japanese edition of The Bridge, we recently reported about the launch of video-curation site Dropout. It follows the same sort of viral media strategy as Upworthy, a trend currently drawing attention in Japan as a new style of web media. And now Grood, the Japanese startup behind the voice crowdsourcing service Voip, has launched a viral media site called Animal Buzz, specializing in animal-related content.

Yuuya Haraguchi, the CEO of Grood, said he decided to launch Animal Buzz since he thought the idea had much potential and possibilities to create positive business synergies in the future. He added:

I think there are a few things very important concerning viral media. For example, if the title and the thumbnail image has enough impact to catch viewers’ attention, it has a better chance of being shared often as long as the content drives people to share and the topic is based on universal interests.

Viral media is a field quite easy for many businesses to enter. In Japan, six viral media focused sites have been already released. I think that the number will grow even more. Narrowing the theme is important when it comes to launching viral media on your own. After I conducted a survey, I decided to go for with animal-focused media based on three reasons: 1) animal-related content is very popular when it comes to video, 2) a lot of people share such content with others, and 3) this content is relaxing and fun.

Animal Buzz aims to achieve 10 million page views per month within a half year.

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