Japan’s buzz site for English study abroad ‘School With’ secures funds from East Ventures



This is the abridged version of our original article in Japanese.

Tokyo-based School With, the company behind a buzz site that shares buzz and reviews on language studies abroad, announced that it has fundraised an undisclosed sum from Japanese seed VC fund East Ventures.

School With launched a review site under the same name in April 2013, and was incorporated in July 2013. Since the launch, they have focused on English studies abroad and buzz and reviews on over 100 language schools in the Philippines.

School With CEO Hideki Ota visited the Philippines to study English a few years ago, and the experience inspired him to launch the business. He plans to expand the coverage of language schools in Australia and Canada in 2015.

School With had been running its operations in a bootstrapping mode via grants from Japanese governmental business support initiative SME Support, Japan. While exploring funding opportunities to put more energy into the business, they received a funding offer from East Ventures in November.

School With CEO Hideki Ota