Online variety store Iroya launches deals on “Japanese-colored” household items



This is the abridged version of our original article in Japanese.

Iroya is an e-commerce site that specializes in selling items selected from a color-oriented perspective. They launched a time-limited storefront called Cool Japan Store today, focused on selling Japanese traditional colored handcrafted items. This campaign is available from December 6th to the 28th.

The campaign is being offered in partnership with 100Tokyo, a website that delivers Tokyo’s unique items and visiting spots to a global audience, as well as Discover Japan, a magazine that aims to re-discover attractions in Japan. Cool Japan Store sells Japanese handcrafted items from 14 brands, which were carefully selected by Iroya, 100Tokyo, and Discover Japan.

You can also follow 100Tokyo’s event page or Google+ account for updates and details. Iroya has a store in Cat Street, a Japanese indie fashion street in Harajuku, Tokyo, where items introduced in this campaign are for sale.

Aritayaki Porcelain (See this link for details about Aritayaki)
Banshu Hamoto scissors (See this link for details about Banshu Hamono)