Fuji TV and Sega Networks invest in Goopa’s game-focused crowdfunding site Crowdrive



Fuji Startup Ventures, the investment arm of Japan’s Fuji TV Network, and Japanese gaming company Sega Networks announced today that they have invested in Tokyo-based startup Goopa. Investment details have not been disclosed. Goopa is best known for its anime-focused crowdfunding site Anipipo but is planning to launch a game-focused crowdfunding site called Crowdrive in late October.

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Goopa was launched by Japanese entrepreneur Hiroaki Taira. In addition to Taira, the board members include two young Thai entrepreneurs Vincent Sethiwan and Permsiri Tiyavutiroj, who are known for running the LaunchPad incubation space in Bangkok. The startup primarily conducts business development in Tokyo, and system development in Bangkok.

Goopa previously fundraised 4.5 million yen (approximately $45,000) from Tokyo startup incubator Samurai Incubate last year.