Japan’s Kabuku launches cloud-based 3D printing platform for app developers



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Japan’s 3D printing startup Kabuku, a marketplace operator for 3D designs and prints, started a cloud-based 3D printing platform this week. The platform is called Rinkak 3D Print Cloud for business, and allows users to integrate apps or web services with the 3D printing feature provided by Kabuku. For companies operating platforms for 3D computer graphics and CAD data, users will be able to order 3D printing from their data through this integration.

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Notable examples integrated with the platform include 3D Pipo, developed in Taiwan and recently launched in Japan. This app has won the top spot in the Taiwan app store with 500,000 downloads. It allows for the creation of 3D model data from a photo and the ordering of 3D printing via smartphone. Kabuku plans to provide an API for the 3D Pipo global edition (known as Insta3D) to integrate with the 3D printing platform.

Kabuku aims to strengthen partnerships with game developers, social app providers, and other companies operating platforms for 3D computer graphics and CAD data. 3D game titles like Infinity Blade III provide players with online ordering of 3D-printed figures of main characters. So Kabuku sees synergy with more apps and services.