Decoppa app lets you easily create Japanese style avatars


Decoppa! is a neat mobile app from Japan that lets you create illustrated portraits. The app provides many illustration types, and with over 1,000 different face parts available, you can make a high quality, authentic-looking illustration of yourself, your friends, or even your favorite celebrity.

The process is very simple: you can choose face parts such as eyes, nose, and hair style to create portrait. There are other details like jewelry and background patterns to help make your illustration unique. Face parts can be positioned and then resized with a simple pinch or zoom. Each part can also be tilted to give the face an added expressions.

The resulting illustration can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Line, and can be used as your profile picture as well. Decoppa also has a fun feed of portraits drawn by its users from all over the world.

According to research by Adobe Japan, roughly 51% of users use their own photos as a profile picture on social networks. But on Twitter, many people are less willing to show their real face, so Decoppa can provide a unique alternative to such people.

Decoppa is available for free on iOS and Android. It can currently be enjoyed in Japanese, English, and Korean.