Snaptee’s new partner program lets third party apps create custom apparel



Hong Kong-based Snaptee, a startup that lets you to design and sell custom apparel via its mobile app, has just announced an new partnership program enabling third-party app’s to place Snaptee orders. And the first application to take advantage of this opportunity will be Japan’s Manga Camera app, a popular service that transforms your picture into manga-style art.

In their announcement, Snaptee CEO WaiLun Hong remarked on the tie-up:

We are big fans of Manga Camera and were thrilled when they recognized this partnership as a unique opportunity to tap into a new revenue stream and extend their users’ connection to their brand. Now, with a tap of a button, all Manga Camera comics can be taken by their creators into the Snaptee app and turned into wearable art.

I’ve not yet used Snaptee, but in the past I have made a T-shirt with a picture of my own face on it, looking upwards, giving myself a thumbs-up [1]. So I like the creative potential behind a platform like Snaptee, and that potential will only get better as they add more apps to their list of partners, tapping into the user bases of other services, and giving those apps a new means of monetizing.

Snaptee also announced today that their platform has surpassed the 1 million designs milestone. While the company declined to tell us how many orders they’ve shipped, we’re told that about half of the designs come from the US, followed by China and Japan. Interestingly, Japan has about three times the conversion rate as the US, reflecting the country’s relative comfort with buying on mobile.


  1. Everyone needs a shirt like this, in my opinion.  ↩