Mirama: An interactive virtual experience, but it comes at a price



Wearable Tech Japan 2014 was largely devoid of startups (with the exception of Moff) in the main exhibition area. But on the corporate side, there was one interesting project from Japan’s Brilliant Service Corporation that was getting some attention from visitors.

The company’s Mirama product is – in its current form – a rather heavy head-mounted display that lets you make gestures in front of your face to control the see-through onscreen interface in front of your eyes. You can perform a number gestures, including thumbs up for ok, thumbs down for cancel, and even frame a picture with your fingers to snap off a picture.

The interface also lets you push on screen buttons, do handwriting with your fingers (my handwriting was pretty awful), and even send and receive email using an onscreen menu.

The prototype is available for sale from the company’s website, and there’s also a SDK provided for those who would like to hack it further. Prototype packages do not come cheap however, ranging in price from 3 million yen (almost $30,000) to 200,000 yen for a Mirama sensor kit.

I had a chance to try out the Mirama glasses, and it was a really fun experience. The weight of the device nearly broke my nose, but it was still pretty interesting. If you’d like to preview what happens on the Mirama screen, check out the demo video below.