Puzzle & Dragons retains steady growth pace as it moves to markets abroad


Checking back in on our Puzzle & Dragons expansion watch, GungHo Online Entertainment’s hit mobile game surpassed 26 million downloads as of March 23, maintaining it’s steady pace of growth (see chart below). Of course as it’s Japanese user base saturates, overseas markets will become more important. The company has recently reached the following milestones in overseas markets, according to Gamebiz.jp:

  • March 7th – reached 3 million downloads in North America
  • March 11 – reached 1 million downloads in Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • March 15 – reached 2 million downloads in Korea

The US and Europe will be key markets moving forward, so we’ll keep an eye on GungHo’s efforts there. China could be interesting too after the company tests the waters in Taiwan and Hong Kong.