Manga Camera adds chat feature, giving your conversations a comic flavor


MangaCamera-originalphoto MangaCamera-converted

Manga Camera is a popular camera app that cleverly turns your photos into manga style pictures. The app had an impressive 2 million downloads within a month of its release, and has so far nabbed 5.8 million downloads in total, with 4.5 star rating on the app store.

Manga Camera has just updated its app to add a chat feature. You can send friends message that consists of a photo and a dialogue in a fun manga style. Chatting back and forth with others in this way automatically creates a sort of live manga story. This ‘Manga Talk’ feature is currently available on iOS but will soon be released on Android as well.

The app even has a sort of artificial intelligence built into it. By sending messages to Manga Camera’s official account, the app interprets the content of the text and gives appropriate replies, again in a manga style. Another interesting – and perhaps very Japanese – feature is the ‘talking to yourself’ Bocchi function (bocchi means ‘alone’ in Japanese). The picture you create with this process can then be shared on Facebook or Twitter

For those of you unfamiliar with the basics of the popular photo app, the operaton is fairly simple. Users can select their preferred effects frame from over 32 choices. After you have chosen your frame, just take a photo or choose one from the photo gallery. The photo is instantly turned into a unique manga, and the quality is pretty impressive. The resulting photo can be saved to your camera roll or can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Manga Camera has recently been used by Coca-Cola Japan to promote their new flavored tea. The beverage giant has even provided special background frames for this new tea, encouraging people post their photos.