Japan’s corrugated HMD developer Hacosco launches panoramic movie sharing platform



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Tokyo-based Hacosco, the company behind smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) solutions, has launched a panoramic movie sharing platform called Hacosco Store, using Kadinche’s PanoPlaza Movie as an engineering platform.

Since its spun off in July 2014 from RIKEN, or Japan’s Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Hacosco has been developing a VR viewer app as well as a corrugated cardboard head-mounted display holder, aiming to create VR solutions purchasable for as low as $10. The company fundraised 30 million yen (about $254,000) from Japanese startup investment fund Anri in December, followed by securing partnership with Japanese ad agency Hakuhodo in order to develop marketing solutions using VR technologies.

Meanwhile, Kandiche launched spherical panorama video-sharing platform PanoPlaza Movie in December. Users can upload panoramic videos to the platform and share them with other users through social network platforms.

Hacosco wants to distribute more VR content to users through the Hacosco Store platform. In addition to expanding the sales of the product, the company plans to strengthen monetization by increasing content distribution channels and app channels, so this launch can be considered the first step of such an effort.

Edited by “Tex Pomeroy”